Saturday, March 7, 2009

Recap and Photos - Meinhard's

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Colombia recap and Notes from Meinhard
I spent US$ 1,300 for 32 days for Transportation, Food and Hostels / Hotels (No airfare).
Time was spent in Hostels or local hotels and we ate at local places (not tourist places).
·  Colombia is for Travelers not yet for Tourists
·   You see many Europeans and Australians traveling and back packing
·   You see many women traveling alone, with back packs staying in hostels
·   Never felt any danger on the street or any other place
·   Police was friendly also the military when a bus was stopped
·   You should speak good Spanish to enjoy the country
·   There are many local hotels to stay in at a bargain price (US$ 5 – 10)
·   There are many hostels to stay in and many run by foreigners (US$ 6 – 10)
·   There are many restaurants to eat at bargain prices (US$3 – 5)
·   A beautiful country with mountains in the South and Central part, very lush and green
·   There are many high mountains, when traveling by bus there are beautiful views
·   People are very nice will stop you and try to talk to you
·   People will not ask you for money (like other SA countries)
·   Cities are modern and clean; yes there is garbage on the side walks
·   The outskirts of cities are a mess and you see a lot of garbage and plastic bags
·   Many small cities or towns are very clean
·   Many small cities or towns are dirty and garbage is lying around
·   Bus terminals are in every town or city – very clean
·   Buses go anywhere and anytime almost no waiting
·   Buses are good
·   Buses drive too fast; and it is dangerous to be in a bus
·   Bus drivers know how to drive but are not responsible and are careless
·   Buses stop any time any place to pick up people (for cash)
·  No one cares about traffic rules
·  In the North (Caribbean) the National Flower is a plastic bag, they are handed out and let go all over.
·   Food is OK lots of rice, plantains and beef (in local places). Sweet breads.
·   Beer is good and inexpensive (US$.60 bottle).
·   Difficult or impossible to find good coffee.
·   More expensive places have good to very good food (US$10 +)

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