Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bogota the other days

Saturday morning January 31, 2009 - it is cloudy and a few rain drops we are on the way to the Gold Museum and the place to get chocolate and cheese (Ari´s recommendations) Florida Cafe. Also looking for a bus to go South so will make a stop at the bus depot, a very busy place.
At this time Helmut is re packing his backpack, could not find anything and discovered more strings, snaps and compartments. Suggestion: open the backpack before you use it and try all compartments don´t just pack it!
Dinner time is difficult, many places serve big Lunch and close at 4:00PM.
Our hotel is very close to a large University, just like in the States there is a lot of drinking going on here and many places live of the students.
More about Saturday -went to the Gold Museum (great place).

The city center on Saturday.

Had a snack at Cafe Florida Cake (like Pulla) with cheese and hot chocolate (Ari´s recomendation). Picture below.

Then we had a great Colombian meal - Ajiaco Santafereno a soup with 3 types of potatos, chicken and much more (see picture below) at the restaurant La Pola (a Lonely Planet recommendation) was right next to our Hotel.

The soup!

The restaurant owner and several friends (one German) invited us to their table and we had a l

ot to drink, we were the last ones in the restaurant (5:30PM) closing time. Picture below.

Sunday morning we will take a bus and be on the way to Melgar, Southern Colombia about a 5 Hour bus ride.

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