Thursday, January 15, 2009

Planning - Colombia for One Month Trip

It all started with ideas about re-visiting South America as we did in 1967 when we traveled from South Africa through South America to the United States.

A Rough itinerary was developed by Helmut December 2008:


Arrive in Bogota. Stay a couple days to look city over. Can do more upon return after trip's conclusion.


Head South to Popayan, Purace National Park, San Augustin, boat rafting, etc.)


Further South, Pasto and its surroundings (including Volcan Azufral, most picturesque lake in Colombia: Laguna de la cocha, West of Pasto: Tomaco (on Pacific)


Fly round trip from Pasto to Leticia/Amazon. (visit various tribes by boat, etc.)


Upon return to Pasto, head North, to Cali. Spend a couple days visiting Rocio’s relatives. My cousin Politico will show us around, I am sure).


Head further North to Manizales, glaciers, thermo springs)


Next Northern stop Medellin, explore finca Villa Maria.


Next Caribbean, through Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta. Stay a few days around Taganga, a fisher village north of Santa Marta at the Caribbean).


Finally, heading South toward Bogota: Stops at Bucaramanga (huge paragliding area - not that I want to try, or perhaps yes??), San Gil (nearby Barichara is regarded as the most beautiful colonial town in Colombia).


Of course this is a very loose itinerary: We can improvise as we go along…I am sure Ari can provide some more suggestions.


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