Monday, February 9, 2009

Pasto to Lake Laguna de la Coche by Helmut

Trip from Pasto to Lake Laguna de la Coche:

Trip Pasto to the lake Laguna de la Cocha (altitude 2400m, approximately 15km long with the island Isla Corrotal less than one hour ride easterly of Pasto.

Isla de la Cocha has a prestine jungle vegetation. I was amazed about that kina of vegetation in the high altitude. A walk through its jungle was like being in the Amazon jungle. It reminded me somewhat of the island “Mainau”, located in the Lake Constance in Germany with tropical vegetation, highlighted by red wood trees imported from California, or the palm trees on the Isle of Man, located in the Northsea between Ireland and Scottland.

The travel book Lonely Planet calls it Columbia’s most beautiful scenic lake.

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