Friday, February 13, 2009

Silvia, Popayan Pictures and short notes

A short recap - the last day in Popayan we left our luggage in the hostel and took a bus to Silvia to see the local market. In the afternoon we left Popayan by bus to Cali, about 4 hours to get there. - In Cali we stayed 3 nights, viviting Helmut´s relatives. Lunch, Dinner and driving around to see the surroundings of Cali. - From Cali we left Friday the 13th to Salento a beautiful place. Coffe and wachs Palm trees.See notes below from the Hosteltrails web page of the places we visited.

Nicknamed the White City,
Popayan is a beautiful colonial town of white-washed houses and grand churches encircled by rolling green hills. Although the capital of the Cauca region and the former capital of Southern Colombia, Popayan somehow retains it's relaxed small town feel.
Silvia Indigenous Market - This beautiful Andean market town is absolutely bursting with colour and energy on Tuesdays. Guambiano Indians from the surrounding communities make their way into Silvia to sell their produce and socialise with friends from neighbouring towns.
Salento - When you imagine the Colombian coffee region, rolling green hills, sunlight glinting through the vegetation as you wind along the country roads - the real thing doesn't get much closer than Salento! Set amid a magnificent landscape lies this friendly and hardworking community of 10,000 formed mainly for the purpose of cultivating and processing some of the world's finest coffee.
Salento itself is a beautiful, Colonial-influenced town with lively multi-coloured buildings against a green, hilly backdrop. The large plaza with it's regular market and relaxed outdoor restaurants is a great place to sit back and soak up the atmosphere, but as nice as the town is, the real attractions lie in the surroundings.
Check out more details at the HostelTrails WEB.

Popayan, the city with the white houses. Stayed here at Hosteltrail.

In Silvia at the Market on Tuesady morning. 1 Hour + ride from Popayan.
The native indian come to trade their goods and get dressed up.
Not many tourists here it is off the beaten path.

Not our Bus but one of the famous ones the locals use to get to market and back home. Everything goes in or on top including livestock.

------------------------ check it out or more details.

In Salenta - the Coffe region, a beautiful city and surroundings.
Friday February 13, 2009. Here for 3 nights at the
Plantation House.
Our Room and view from room.

Our room.

Our Bathroom, YES a first class set-up.

Helmut and relative Humberto drinking the fresh milk from the cow.

Thursday driving around Salenta, Helmut with Humberto.

Meinhard and Humberto outside Salento.

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