Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trip to Silvia - Helmut

Trip to Silvia (8310 feet altitude, south east of Popayan).
Silvia is the center of the Gumbiano Indian region. The Indians live in small mountain villages around Silvia. They wear colorful clothing and head covers .
On every Tuesday is Market Day in Sylvia, to which many of the Indians come me to Sylvia to market their hand made crafts and agricultural products.
The Indians travel to Silvia by Chiva bus. These unique buses are almost distinct. We came to see these buses in action. These buses where once Colombia{s main means of transport. The body of the bus is made almost entirely of wood, have benches across the bus. Each row of the bus is accessed from the outside. Each Chiva is painted artistically. No two Chivas look alike.
Chiva bus

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