Saturday, February 28, 2009

Typical Colombian Music… San Gil by Helmut

The Corner on a Sunday afternoon, with Helmut looking on. This is the party place Friday and Saturday evenings.
Typical Colombian Music… San Gil
We returned to the plaza of San Gil late Friday afternoon and found in one corner of the plaza an unusual gathering that looked like a party was going on.
People had their drinks right on the walk ways, spilling over from the three liquor stores that were next to each other. We noticed that a group was about ready to play impromptu Colombian music. It did not take as long to get ourselves a drink to join the fun.
The music sounded really good. A Colombian next to me started to explain to me that this was the real Colombian music, played with a drum (of African origin), an accordion (of German origin), and a Colombian instrument called Guacharaca. The best way to describe it, picture a round cylinder form looking like a cheese grater that is struck with a steel brush creating a harmonic metallic sound. Finally, there was a singer to complete the quartett. The music had a firm beat. I was told that the song they played was titled ‘’Herencia”. He even gave me text of this song, unsolicited. ..
Para que quiero la plata si me voy a volver gusano.
La plata es para gastarse en mujeres, bebida y parrandiando.
Si dejo una herencia es para que la familia célèbre.
In sum, we enjoyed a great impromptu entertainment in the midst of the Friday rush hour. It is custom that the Colombians celebrate the end of the work week, starting after work. Consequently, the alcohol was flowing. The crowd got more and more excited to the point that even Mister “Do not drink” Meinhard finally warmed up, got a Flachmann Aquadiente, a pack of Pielroja (the cigarettes we smoked in Colombia 42 years ago) and we were right in the party with the rest of the crow. Colombians are very happy people.

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