Friday, February 27, 2009

San Gil

Arrived after a great and beautiful bus ride at 6 PM in San Gil, again high over the mountains, landscape changed from dry to lush green. Walked to the hostel Macondo run by an Australian. We had a reservation but were not able to get a private room, only one single room was available, I gave it to Helmut and opted for the dorm room with 4 beds bunks. My first night in the dorm and I slept well, maybe it was because I was on the bottom and had a women on top.
Today we changed to a hostel across the street with a private room but not a private bathroom. A very nice place run by a local couple Click here.

Went to the park in San Gil and planning on rafting on Saturday, the #2 difficulty. On Monday back to Bogota. More about San Gil from Hosteltrail 
San Gil is a great stop on the 'Bogota to the coast stretch' where you could happily spend a few days taking in the town and its surroundings. Within the town of San Gil itself, there are several worthwhile attractions. Parque El Gallineral is a beautiful spot by the river with an amazing variety of plantlife and the Colonial streets and the leafy plaza with it's beautiful cathedral should easily provide a couple of days entertainment.
San Gil's real treasures however, lie in the surrounding area. Fast becoming Colombia's adventure tourism capital, the rivers Fonce, Suarez and Chicamocha offer excellent adventure opportunities and the the surrounding area is dotted with caves, waterfalls and canyons waiting to be explored! For the true adventure seekers among us, there's also a number of 'extreme' activities on offer including bungee-jumping, caving, abseiling, paragliding and the most popular activity - white-water rafting.
The beauty of this area is that there's a wealth of things to do independently. The town of Barichara is less than an hour away and is a classic, colonial village well worth a visit and several treks to waterfalls and swimming holes can be made directly from San Gil.

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